Driven design with manufacture leadership with construction expertise at the best deal

BEdCI is a design, manufacture, and construction services company founded in Miami, FL. Our brand products are determined to be innovative solutions that improve lifestyle. We offer a selective variety of unique products that competitively prices through various online channels. The companies were founded by Sylvian Bryan in 2012 through freelancing. These freelance projects consisted of event designs for Swarovski Crystals, Carnival Cruise Line, & Motorola mainly for Miami Art Basel in South Florida. BEdCI is pronounced BE:d:CI which is an abbreviation for Bryan Dynamics, Inc and has span into a company from such experience. BEdCI is a think tank that is not limited by industry or category; we are unstoppable creators.

This group of fast thinkers, integrators, driven go-getters force society changes that are proven with their result-driven approach to creative design. We are problem solvers who don’t accept things for what they are; unless it cannot be improved. While we appreciate well thought out solutions, we are not satisfied with the norms. As creators; we want more, we want life betterment, we dream of a planet which is problem free and filled with priceless alternatives. We are Hunters, Thrill Seekers, and Obsess with problem-solving through aesthetic product creations.

Bryan Dynamics Companies, Inc will remain agile. Our eagerness comes from the readiness for change. We stay adaptable to the constant changing manufacturer industry improvements. Our purpose is to enable our business clients with design valued solutions that exceed their customer expectations through proven design methodologies. These designs are practical which shall meet the business objective of our clients and ready for manufacturing implementation through our core engineering practicality knowledge. The purpose of our selective deals is to offer customers products that are competitive. These selective products meet our core value of life betterment.

Our mission is to provide design service to businesses. These design services provide industry-specific processes that guarantee results. We do not create a solution, we create product road-maps that changes behavior through innovative product discoveries. We continue to offer a selection of product that is unique, high demand at competitive prices. To be number one, we continue to be one with our business clients and consumers through sought knowledge and design mastery.

At the core of our organization, we remain Honest, Clever, Energetic, Powerful, & Innovative. Our honest value provides reliability to our clients and customers. We stay healthy by living an active lifestyle, this keeps our energy up paced and ready to take on the most difficult endeavor. We want to be your powerhouse for design creation that is unique, clever, and resolved business issues at the ultimate fast-paced through a global network of carefully selected experts. Our motto “ It has always been difficult, but it has never stopped us before.”