The brand of products that aide occupant around their home. Bedci products that are not limited to wood and metal furniture design fabrication. The use of alternative energy source enhances these products. This collection consists of chairs, umbrellas, and tables.  A group of products that will turn your home into the absolute peaceful dwelling.



This environmental furniture collection is from master ironwork through traditional carpentry. The Bedci furniture is modular systematic design for easy installation. These products use less waste by lean manufacturing practice. The furniture designs are plug and play solution. Bedci product configuration is the core asset for this collection. 



The Bedci outdoor furniture use of solar energy provides power. Items that consume energy in comparison to sculptural elements. Home furnishing designs that improve electrical efficiency.  Wood and metal serve as a functional element in the designs. We strive to manufacture products that meet LEED Certifications.



Functional furniture creations that provide storage and offer more spacious area.  We create the most comfortable ergonomic solutions that are manufacture of the best material. The materials choice are selections of quality, recyclability, and longevity.  These products provide home comfort that helps the disabled get around. We are determining to make products that comfort all your needs. 



A brand of products that leverages solar energy to power home. These product collection offers are diverse.  The Bedci portfolio of products suits a wide variety of home décor.  The products can use in commercial or residential space. The furniture is handmade by master craftsmen from wood and metal materials.