BEdCI fashion apparel products are designed for the active lifestyle enthusiast. These items are influenced by the Caribbean and hip-hop music cultures. The products are manufactured from the best fabrics for activities, seasons, and longevity.





Caribbean music was influenced by African, European, Indian and Indigenous culture largely created by African descended slaves.  One of the most recognized artist of the Caribbean music era is Bob Marley led today by the likes of Vybz Kartel.  Hip-hop music was created in the United States by African Americans. Run DMC brought hip-hop music to the mainstream in the 1980’s. It consisted of stylized rhythmic also known as rap.  Caribbean music culture today’s is energic, expressive, and explosive. Big Sean is one of the most creative music artists of today’s hip hop era. In which his music is found to be reserve, refined, and deep-rooted. Today’s BEdCI designs exposed these unique qualities through symbolism, elements, and patterns. 





Today’s Hip-hop and Caribbean music genre’s such as Reggae, Soca, and Calypso consist of worldwide musical influences including Rock, Techno, and Punk.  It is more importance for an artist today to be a performer than just be lyrical. Consumers does not want to only have a connection with an artist; they want to be highly informed of their artist celebrity lifestyle. Artist fashion sense, style, and demeanor must be ready to impress the crowd at any moment. BEdCI fashion designs stay ahead of this curve by its design process.  A process that offers you BEdCI latest fashion and apparel products that are ahead of the urban sportswear market. 




BEdCI bridge technology, sportswear and your ever-changing body mass with designs. These designs are influence Caribbean and Hip-hop music culture.  The Yeezy Shoes by Kanye West is a revolution well recognized design manufactured by Adidas.  Our Graphic T-shirt AIM/MIA is a clever design that spells out the word AIM reverse. MIA printed on the T-shirt stands for Miami, Florida and Missing in Action. You may view our latest and most creative AIM/MIA V-neck shirt here.